About us

About us


GEM GROUP was established in London in 2006 with the vision of becoming a leader in global media and the entertainment industry. The company first concentrated on the Farsi speakers and the Middle East market but within the first year of its inception, GEM had expanded to the UAE market. Here it launched various channels and subsidiary companies. These channels gained an unprecedented number of Iranian viewers along with an immense group of Farsi speakers throughout the world, thus adding to its prior high viewership. Through this success, GEM became a force within its sector gaining dominance in coverage and quality when compared to its competitors.

GEM GROUP’s engaging, informative and entertaining content is shown in SD (super definition) and HD (high definition). Each is streamed on renowned satellite frequencies such as Hotbird, Yahsat, Nilesat and Galaxy.

GEM GROUP was the first among its competitors to successfully provide its audience with HD quality programs through its free on-air satellite channels.

GEM GROUP has since continued to expand the company’s Internet presence gemonline.tv that now, has more than 100,000 users making GEM TV the number one, leading Media Company in the Farsi language market. This technical advancement has also enabled access to its viewers and worldwide fans to follow all the programs and available contents online.

Today, GEM GROUP has twenty-four (24) prominent channels (21 Farsi, one Kurdish, one Azeri and one Arabic), and other active subsidiary companies targeting the Farsi, Kurdish and most recently, the Azeri, Arabic and English speaking markets.

GEM’s extensive array of experience within the media industry has enabled GEM GROUP to expand its horizons in order to create an independent production company - GEM Production.

GEM Production specializes in a variety of production and post-production services and in collaboration with other independent companies, GEM has successfully produced more than 26 movies and 4 series in the past year, achieving access to more than 50 of the latest equipped audio video studios to compliment the latest equipment in GEM’s global offices.

GEM GROUP’s team of experts is continuously in the process of producing new movies, TV series and programs that sustain the planned and scheduled launch of productions.

Since the first quarter of 2016, GEM has implemented its own distribution company, which is distributing GEM’s original titles to our network of partners and clients.

With an ever-eager eye for expansion, GEM GROUP continues to grow under a controlled and well-managed structure.

GEMTV Online
GEM TV launched GEM Online TV in May 2010, and currently, is developing to OTT SVOD service and made it finally possible for viewers to access thousands of hours of premium entertainment including movies, series and news content, without signing up to a long-term satellite or cable pay TV contract. It allows viewers to access content online via a large range of devices for just $7/99 a month.   
GEM ONLINE TV can be watched on a tablet, the mobile phone usually compatible smartphones that can accommodate the software and web browser. This means that users are not limited to a TV set as it is usually the case. You get to use what you have to enjoy the live programming that you love.

It gives you GEMONLINE access anytime and anywhere.